Gaming Reviews: Enjoy Life of Addiction

Gaming is an addiction, a fun addiction actually and so we are going to present to you some of the best gaming ideas available today. We are going to look at two of the most promising platforms for gamers, Android and Facebook. Both of these platforms have more games than you can play in your lifetime. So shall we look at a few of them in detail?

Brave Frontier Review: It is a game that has been developed by a Singaporean firm and has already become one of the most searched games in the entire world. Brave Frontier is basically a turn based role playing game that involves a number of aspects for the user, right from collecting units to making them stronger through evolution and finally battling other units to attain that glory you always wanted to achieve. The game is based on the use of elements, of which there are a total of 6 in the game.

In the game, the hometown of the users is a village that allows them to do a number of things, that include recovering from battles to creating items for their use later in the game to collecting units. There are also a number of building in the town that serve different purposes, such as one for items that helps the user manage the inventory of their items and take with them on quests. So it is a fun game to play and you should try it out. Also after you finish playing games, you should also focus on your education by visiting an education site that has good study material.

 Dragon City Review: Dragon City is a Facebook game application which is played by over 10 million users. It is a role playing game by nature but you are not confined to just one dragon character. In dragon city, you start with one dragon of your choice (element/stone). Your dragon will live in a remote island. To level up in the game, you have to feed your dragon regularly. As your dragon grows, you move forward in the game.

An interesting concept in this game is when you learn to breed dragons. Learn more about dragon city breeding over here. Breeding is an important part of the game. You get two dragons to breed and they lay an egg. The egg needs to be kept in a hatchery building for it to hatch safely. This is how you grow your dragon family. But remember that dragons need to be fed and for that you will also have to grow your farm and make more and more food. As your dragons grow, they demand more food from you and it becomes costly to maintain the dragons.

As we come to the next part, the game becomes more interesting. If you thought that this is it, all you do in the game is feed the dragons and breed them and increase your dragon family, then you are wrong. This game does not just take care of sim city game lovers but it also accommodates interests of people who like action. If you like action, you will also enjoy this game as you have the option of fighting in this game. You can take your dragon to the arena and fight other dragons. To fight and win the game, you will need to learn how to use your dragon. Each dragon is unique and has it’s own powers which you will have to learn up and use in the battle arena. Fighting dragons is interesting concept and so much fun.